Planning Meeting 5th July 2018

As many of you are aware the current owner of The Plough, Julian Bland resubmitted a planning application to convert The Plough into 3 houses.

The application was the same one he submitted 2 years ago, That application was lost and change of use was not granted. Julian Bland appealed that decision and lost again.

A key factor of Mr Bland’s resubmission was that The Plough had not sold since the appeal. The most significant factor being that the Plough was placed on the market at an inflated price, originally £250,000 Email of 01/07/2016

Hi Ian
My solicitor as asked that we get formal agreement from the association buying the plough with the terms and conditions that me and you disscussed.
Please could you write something up from the association stateing the following.

1. Association to pay £40.000 prior to sale in order for mr bland to pay the vat on the building for the property was sold as residential project which is not vat able. The £40.000 will be deducted off the completion figure. This property can not be sold legally until the vat is paid in full prior.
2. purchase price £250.000 +vat
3. If property is purchased and for any reason does not succeed as a viable enterprise the property must be offered to mr bland to purchase back at original price £250.000 plus vat.

Please could you make sure everyone in the association reads and signs the agreement.
Think it’s best that everyone knows the details for they are all important factors that need to be addressed before the sale can complete.

I tried to ring you Ian could you ring me when your free.


As part of the re-submitted planning application East Lindsey Planning department had their senior surveyor complete an evaluation, which valued the premises between £150-£175,000. This agreed with the valuation commissioned by CPCH Ltd with Sydney Phillips of £150,000 in its current (September 2016) condition.

It was felt at the meeting that whilst The Plough is an eyesore in its current state; Mr Bland had failed to market the property at a realistic price and therefore had not followed procedure. He could not demonstrate that the property was not viable as a public house and as such his planning application has been refused.

Mr Bland’s valuation was based on his hope of what the building would be worth as residential property and not a realistic value as a public house, the value of which has decreased since his ownership as he has gutted the building prior to any planning permission being given.

We hope that the building will now go back for sale at a realistic asking price in the hope that either we as a group can purchase this, or an alternative buyer is found that is interested in renovating and reopening The Plough pub.

It should be noted that during the planning meeting Councillor Aldridge made many negative sweeping statements about the village and the lack of community spirit. Members of the public are not permitted to speak during the meeting so we would like to this opportunity and say Mr Aldridge you are wrong, our community has a very strong record of voluntary work.

• We have a fish and chip van coming to the village fortnightly which is supported by many residents.

• There was an excellent turn out for the Remembrance Service last November (2017), which Mr Aldridge hosted and even commented on the fantastic turnout.

• St Bartholomew churchyard has been tidied up and maintained by a group of volunteers, not just as a one off activity but ongoing for the last 24 months – the transformation is incredible. The Woodland Trust gifted over 100 hedging plants to us and they were planted earlier in the year. The fabric of St Bartholomew’s church will also be improved with the support of many external groups

• Coffee mornings are held fortnightly at St Mary’s church raising funds not just for the church but also the Covenham Plough Community Hub.

• We are just a week away from our second village fete in recent years.

All of the above has been achieved by volunteers in this village and supported by those living in the village. Community spirit is not linked to how long you have lived somewhere but how you contribute, get involved and support each other. Mr Aldridge, you have done yourself and our village a disservice with your unfounded words at today’s planning meeting (05.07.18).

As a final note to Councillor McNally

You say the Plough is an eyesore and devaluing properties. The residents of Covenham say it’s an eyesore so we are all in agreement and this issue was raised via the Parish Council on 26th October 2017, it was reported back on 7th December that ELDC would investigate the state of the Plough building, however in the Parish meeting on the 23rd January it was reported back that ELDC say there is no issue with the building.

It is clear the residents believe this is detrimental to the village, in the planning meeting the state of the building was discussed at length and how much longer it will be left to deteriorate further.

So what are you going to do Councillor McNally, as part of our local council to ensure Julian Bland tidies up the site?

For a full audio of the planning meeting please visit: E-lindsey planning meeting