The Plough Community Hub


No one can be certain … But what we do know is that sustainable, resilient villages will be those that have access to broadband and mobile phone coverage, embrace innovation, engage young people and explore the amazing opportunities their village already offers – its assets and its people


Covenham has existed for over a thousand years, it has seen the Saxons, Vikings and the Normans turn up and also seen the lot off! Two churches, a pre-conquest ecclesiastical enclosure, priory and a pub! During those thousand plus years it has continued to develop as a place to live and relax, the very definition of community. The priory has long disappeared (it only had a couple of French spies in it anyway) but we do have the chance, a very rare chance, to take our pub back and transform it into so much more.

The image below is a 3D representation of a redesigned Plough to maximise both use of space (ground floor) and availability to all as a building serving our community.

Input is from you and your requirement, the current board and members of CPCH Ltd. and various professionals we have been in contact with since 2014, yes it is that long ago.

As we get closer to purchasing the Plough we will need to engage an architect and a structural engineer to ensure we can finalise and proceed with our suggested layout.

The flashing red dots convey some of the plans we have, if you have any specific ideas please let us know. If you can provide building skills or wish to tender for the work please email us [email protected]

Proposed layout of The Plough

Internal space

Old Cellar

At the front of the property is the old cellar. This will be changed to A fill-in shop with the kind of stock that will save an eight mile round trip to the nearest shop. This photo is from the shop inside the George and Dragon, Hudswell. It doesn’t make a large profit but provides a valuable service to the village.

Front bar

Hopefully this room will fulfil the function of a public bar complete with log burner for those long winter nights. Access to and from the main bar will be via a new arch cut into the back wall (where the broom is) and the old bar will be boxed in. The front bar will lead into the main bar through the new arch.

Main bar

Main bar area, the lighting in this area will be improved considerably to make it warm and welcoming. The bar will swap sides to the west wall with storage to the east of where the bar was originally positioned. There will be tables in this area as disabled access to the rear bar is not currently possible, the room is too shallow for a ramp and a considerable amount of work is required to raise the floor level to that of the main bar area.

Rear bar tables

The old games room, possibly a few more covers for food or a different use altogether. Access to the beer garden will be from this room via a door to the left of the fireplace. The main bar leads into this room


This extension was converted from a lean-to by Batemans, the plans are to make it a good kitchen for 30 covers or so. Quite a bit of work required here but all possible. This will be a reduction in size from the original batemans kitchen as this once very large room will now be split into kitchen, cellar and bars.


Originally the kitchen, we plan quite a bit of reorganization in this area. We want to have two bars, one to the pub side (Front bar) and the other to the function room side (rear bar) enabling service to both areas from the one cellar area. This reduces beer wastage when (as used to happen) barrels were moved to the far end of the function room and needed to be stood to settle. Not practical and effects the quality of the product assuming its not eurofizz (lager).  

Front bar

Bar to the public house part of the hub, serving the three bars and tables. For those that remember, this will replace the two original bars to the eastern side of the room.

Rear bar

Bar to the function room, no more traipsing to the “old” bar when attending functions. It will be easier (more cost effective) to operate this bar when the function room is in use due to the cellar being central to the pub part of the hub.


The redesign of the toilets is quite an important task and they will have to meet current standards and regulations. Not much else to say on that front at the moment other than we are seeking appropriate advice and they will include the additional feature of changing facilities.

Function room

By removing this “decorative” wall the usable floor space is increased substantially allowing better seating during entertainment evenings and general usage as a hall.  This will be an extremely important part of our community hub and operated separately from the tenanted part of the building, the licenced public house. 

Old bar area at rear of the function room

Rear bar area. This is not required assuming, in general, our plans are feasible so this room and the rear cellar to the rear can become storage for function room equipment and possible cloakroom. 

Old boiler room

The boiler room, we are not sure what is behind the door as a key has yet to be found. That said, it will in all probability need fixing with a new one and we want to move it to a more central location within the building. Obviously a new boiler will be far more efficient than whatever is lurking in this little room.

External space

This isn’t showing on the diagram as we want to remove the porch. The doorway is still shown but it isn’t really required so that may get bricked up.


This isn’t showing on the diagram as we want to remove the porch. The doorway is still shown but it isn’t really required so that may get bricked up.

Double doors at entrance

A more inviting set of entrance doors will be found, countless visitors in the past have driven into the car park only to turn around  and drive off again. The doors need replacing anyway so let’s have something more welcoming in appearance and more in keeping with what is a very attractive building.

We will also need to make the windows either side of the main entrance more visually appealing

Function Room Door

Entrance to function room when the pub is not in use or closed. The idea is to ensure the two “halves” of the building can be operated in isolation when required by those using just the function room without any requirement of refreshments from the Plough.

Beer garden

Beer Garden and herbs! Access from within the pub rather than a route march around the building. With seating and planters, help yourself to some fresh herbs to cook with.

Front out buildings

One recent suggestion for the out buildings is to use them as a workshop, well “man shed” was the term used but that has now been corrected to “non gender specific skill development and repair hub”. Obviously we have sent the offender to a re-education camp and that person should be back in Covenham sometime in the spring of 2020.

Come and learn practical skills and help repair items for the members of our community. Early days but a distinct possibility and an extremely useful one at that!

Grassed area to rear of car park

We have a sizeable grass area to the rear of the site once it is cleared of Wildebeest etc. It would be nice to have some form of adventure playground there for the younger members of the community and those of our visitors. It has been said that a roller coaster might be a little ambitious but I’m sure we will arrive at a consensus once we are up and running.