The Team

We have a small but enthusiastic team operating as the Steering Group. Our function is to raise awareness within the community, accurately cost the project and prove the need and sustainability to those organisations providing support and guidance.

We are under no illusion as to the scale of this undertaking but we cannot make it happen on our own. Fortunately many of your have already offered to help and we will take you at your word on that score as we get closer to achieving our objectives.

Nicky Gulley-Brown (Chair)

Nicky moved to the village in 2015. She has previously worked in many businesses, training organisations and colleges, roles have been from the retail trade (shop manageress), waitress to trainer and then senior management.  She has also run her own private training business. Working with funded training provision she is very familiar to tendering and managing both funding and change.  She is a great believer in sustainability and community spirit and feels this project CPCH Ltd will be a vital asset which will not only bring the community of Covenham together it will secure its future.

Ali Fazakerley (Secretary)

Has lived in Covenham since 2000. Employment experience consists of: hotel reception, conference and banqueting secretary, accounts clerk, primary school secretary and running her own online business for several years.

The main reason she chose Covenham to live was that it had a village pub.  She truly believes with the right people appointed, it can be a busy and vibrant place again.  She has seen many successful independent free houses all over the country successfully selling quality beers and good simple food at reasonable prices, and believes the same could happen for Covenham.

Ian Fazakerley (Plunkett Liaison and Communication Officer)

Ian started out as an engineering apprentice in the RAF. A healthy social life is vital in the services and Ian tended to be off getting to know the locals wherever he was, via the local pub. A pub is an important part of any community, a shared meeting place. Since Covenham lost the pub people can go weeks without meeting others, especially in winter.  Ian has worked from home in Covenham for 16 years, the pub made a difference, it was beneficial to meet and chat over a beer/coffee, and get away from the day-job. It was a very important part of this community.

Brian Salter

Retired after 34 years as an aircraft engineer. Moved to Covenham 20 years ago to get away from the rat race. He was welcomed to the village and the Plough became part of his social life.  The closure of the pub put a big hole in the village with some elderly people becoming almost housebound.  To reopen the building as a Community Hub would bring life back into the village again and I look forward to being a part of it.

Tim Williams

Born and bred in Lincolnshire, Tim has lived in Covenham for 16 years with his wife and 2 children who they want to grow up feeling they are part of a caring and active community.  He attended Lincolnshire College of Agriculture and Horticulture and has worked in the Agricultural Engineering sector for 25 years.  He has been a keen supporter of the Plough and has missed not socialising with friends and neighbours.  Travelling around the county meeting others who have fond memories of good times had in the Plough, each one has showed interest in our plans to reopen it under community ownership.

In future, positions on the Committee will be open to any shareholder member when elections are held at the Society’s Annual General Meeting.

Celebrating the refusal of planning, committee members and supporters alike.